While working on the World Series of Poker app, I was asked to create the full UX for WSOP Clubs. It is the biggest new feature added to the game and has been a resounding success.

WSOP Clubs is a tiered ranking system that was introduced to replace the previous level based one. Players have a limited amount of time to earn enough points in various parts of the game to move on to the next tier and stay there.

In my role, I was in charge of designing the user experience for the feature and oversaw its implementation with the Art, Development, Analytics and Acquisition teams.

10/2017 - 4/2018

Feature is Live

UX Designer

Axure, Photoshop, Jira, Paper prototyping

Game Designer, Art Director, UI Artist, Illustrator, 2 Programmers, QA Lead, Acquisition Lead, BI Analyst


  • Short development time (approx. 6 months)
  • Redesign of several core areas in the game's UI required
  • Communicating progress in a clear way in over 10 different views in the game, including the high paced and already cluttered in-game scene
  • Communicating the complex and expanding club tier benefits in a browseable and understandable way


  • Research into various interfaces in sports apps and mobile games
  • Several iterative functionality flows (see example above)
  • Numerous iteration cycles of wireframes to determine the layout and functionality (two examples above)
  • Graybox testing of the interactions in the app
  • Reusing as much of existing art and technology as possible
  • Iteration on the look and feel of the feature with the art team


  • Simple and colorful interfaces that organize the large amount of information in an exciting and easy to digest way
  • New static lobby element that gives the player a quick glance into their Club status and gives easy access to the Clubs menu
  • New profile view prominently showing the player's Clubs status
  • A minimal point bar with a uniform look throughout the game, with a visual language that clearly ties in with the feature as a whole
  • Optimized and polished point bar display in the verious in-game screens
  • A video tutorial that was scripted by me and used as the feature's launch trailer
  • A Clubs portal with well-organized, extensive information about the player's current status, the tier benefits, and tips for how to play

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