Destiny's Sword | Conversation View

Destiny's Sword is a socially-driven MMO that aims to realistically portray the effects of war on mental health. The game cultivates empathy, strategic thinking, and cooperation, and is currently in alpha.

The player takes on the role of a commander of troops sent out on an interplanetary mission, and has to make difficult decisions about their fate while also making sure the battles aren't taking too much of a toll on their mental health.

My role as UX Consultant on the project involved designing user experiences for key features of the game, such as the conversation view.

07/2018 - 12/2018

Game is in Alpha

UX Design Consultant

Axure, Paper prototyping, Trello

Creative Director, Systems Designer, Programmer x2, UI Artist, Therapist (consultant)

Case Study: Conversation View and Emotional Matrix


Design Goals

Characters in Destiny’s Sword are affected by their life experiences, simulating what a person would in real life. As the characters are war troops, they characters can be wounded or even killed, but they can also suffer from persistent mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction.

A key part of the game involves the player roleplaying as the commander and keeping up troop's morale and wellbeing by having regular conversations with them, especially after significant events such as a stressful battle or bad news from home.

The goal of the design was to make conversation easy for the player, while also giving them a quick view of key information as well as access to more thorough files on each troop member.


In order to communicate troop members' emotional states, I designed an emotional matrix that responds to all the different game events that affect the troops' mental health. The GIF on the left shows a prototype feedback and reaction from a troop member.


To accommodate the wide range of topics, a Knowledge Inventory was introduced. The player can choose a main topic from it, which will then open a selection of possible conversation topics in a radial menu in the bottom middle of the screen.


The circular radial interface for conversation is inspired by The Sims' conversation menus to accommodate the large number of possible conversation topics.

More to come post-alpha...

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