Tuuli is a Finnish UX and Service Designer with 13 years of experience in creative industries and software. A focused and motivated creator, mentor, and active community organizer, they have experience with a broad range of projects and team sizes. To hear more about their career, you can listen to this podcast.

In addition to their responsibilities as a UX designer, they are pursuing a second master's degree in New Media Design and Production at Aalto University. Nomadic by nature, they have lived in five countries on four different continents; Finland, Japan, Iceland, Australia, and most notably Montreal, Canada from 2012 to 2018.

In their free time, they are a visual artist, boulderer, singer, and an all-around design enthusiast.


Master of Arts, New Media Design and Production. Aalto University, 2021
Master of Science, Interactive Media and Internet studies. University of Tampere, 2012
Bachelor of Arts, Digital Culture. University of Turku, 2008

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